Welcome to Hotel Den Burg

Discover the island. Breathe the island. Smell the brine that makes Texel. The sea, the harbour, the woods, the landscape, the villages. They all have their own special scent with a trace of Texel brine. In winter, autumn, spring and summer, the island has its own colour.

Peace, space, wind. Illuminated by the sunlight reflected in the sea. With impressive cloudy skies. The clouds don’t hang around. The wind pushes them forward. You can become acquainted with all these aspects. To see, smell and feel them and take Texel with you in your heart as a souvenir. We invite you to join us in this fascinating setting.

Close to the unique Hoge Berg nature reserve, on the fringes of Den Burg, is our 80-year-old hotel. Attractive, open and friendly. That is the character of our accommodation but also our personal vision on how we like to welcome you as guests.

What do our guests think?

"A really nice hotel. Friendly reception. Wonderfully centrally located in Den Burg. Well worthwhile." G. Jansen

Hotel Brasserie Den Burg

Familie H. Eshuijs
Emmalaan 2-4
1791 AV Den Burg Texel
Tel. +31 (0)222 312106
Fax. +31 (0)222 322053
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